How do we propose to vitalize Boron?  Importantly, we want your suggestions.  How would you vitalize Boron?

To get the ball rolling, we propose the following actions.  They are based on the belief that much of vitalization involves options--options for enjoyment, for self improvement, for health, for wealth, for spiritual fellowship, and for acts of kindness for fellow community members.  How can there be more options for Boron residents?

  • What are the current options?  We propose to act as a central clearinghouse of information about what's available already in Boron.  True?  In a small town, everyone knows everything that is going on.

  • How can we encourage residents to engage in the options?  We propose to be 'pro-active' in urging community members to participate in as many activities and events as they feel comfortable with. True?  There's nothing to do in Boron but watch TV.

  • What new options does the community want?  We propose to help develop the 'critical mass' behind new ideas received from the community for the benefit of residents.  True?  Boron is not big enough to have many things to do.

  • How can the community communicate its desires and concerns?  We propose a way for any resident to let his or her wishes be known to the community.  True?  I can only sit at home and complain.  No one is listening.